Highland Hospital

Rochester, New York

Highland Hospital sought a complete renovation of the Hospital Servery and Dining Areas. Design work included the complete re-inventing of the space for menu options, atmosphere and increase dining. The space remained open to the public during the construction phase through multiple phases of construction. 

Unity Hospital

Rochester, New York

The new employee / visitor service and seating area were the driving force behind this project. Taking the “cafeteria” and changing it into a place where employees and visitors could relax and have a wide selection of meal options was achieved by moving the entire operation into a newly constructed space.

The overall objective for the Main Kitchen was to streamline the flow of food product through production and service. Enlarging the main kitchen included: equipment replacement, new tray make-up system, and condensing aged multiple walk in cooler / freezers and storage with new.

Felician Sisters

Buffalo, New York

With the aging population of the Felician Sisters, a need arose to transform the facility to an adult residency and skilled nursing facility. This included a total renovation of the food service operation.

The Sisters needed to turn the foodservice operation over to a management firm and this created the opportunity to modernize the equipment. Operational changes included bringing residents to either the second floor main dining room or the third floor secondary dining room where meals are served from centralized serving stations.