Linda Roth 2019.jpg

Linda S. Roth

As president, Linda is not only responsible for the daily operation of the company, but is also actively involved in project design and equipment selection from initial conception through facility opening and beyond. Linda's architectural background and previous work experience with foodservice facilities designers and equipment dealers has created a well-rounded knowledge of the industry. Communicating the foodservice requirements to the owner and architect throughout the duration of the project is of paramount importance.

Melanie Bruning 2019.jpg

Melanie Bruning

Melanie Bruning is a Food Service Designer and brings an Interior Design background to Roth Consulting Group. She has experience in both residential and commercial space planning and has worked as an Interior Design Assistant on projects across the US.

C. Young

Christopher Young

Christopher Young has been a Food Service Designer for over ten years. His responsibility is to provide the necessary food service equipment layout, along with mechanical and electrical details for the Engineering and Architectural team members.


Erika Benton

In her role as administrative assistant, it is Erika's responsibility to handle the day to day administrative tasks at Roth Consulting Group. This includes accounting, payroll, marketing and related tasks. Erika has brought a background in both commercial and residential construction to support her position.