Batavia Middle School

Batavia City School District
Batavia, New York

Total renovation of the existing food service operation brought a list of goals to achieve which included a need to increase student count, reduce serving time, increase walk-in cooler / freezer space, increase size and function of kitchen and updates for all equipment. The project had several unique challenged to overcome. There was a separation between the kitchen and serving area along with building obstructions that hampered work areas and operational flow.

Rochester School for the Deaf

Rochester, New York

A key goal for design was to increase size of the service area with the unique challenge of making it accessible for students with disabilities. A challenge for this was service to a wide age group, Pre-K through high school. Within the space there was also a need to organize serving stations for evening service to residents while minimizing foodservice staffing requirements. The project saw a replacement of line equipment to hold food at proper temperature and meet current menu requirements along with relocating and replacement of cooling equipment to meet the needs of the menu with latest technology.

Buffalo City School District

Buffalo, New York

Buffalo City School District renovated approximately 80 buildings dated from the 1880s through the 1970s. The objective of the reconstruction project was to identify schools that present unique or neighborhood concerns related to delivering quality education services.

In 2002, a school commissary was introduced into the district. Each kitchen renovation comprised of three styles of preparation and service. The foodservice operation of each school was evaluated individually dependent on space availability, age group and service needs.